Carrie Woods

Sylvania Township

This upscale Sylvania Township residential development is located off of N. McCord Rd., on Kelker St. It features stand-alone single-family luxury villas on wooded lots. There will be a homeowner’s association to handle mowing, snow removal, fertilization, spring and fall clean-up. Available home styles will include ranch-style, one-and-one-half story, or custom floor plans.

Current Home Site Information at Carrie Woods

Plat 2
  • Lot 18___SOLD
  • Lot 19___SOLD
  • Lot 20___SOLD
  • Lot 21___SOLD
  • Lot 22___SOLD
  • Lot 23___SOLD
  • Lot 24___SOLD
  • Lot 25___SOLD
  • Lot 26___AVAILABLE___$48,900
  • Lot 27___AVAILABLE___$52,900
  • Lot 28___AVAILABLE___$59,900
  • Lot 29___AVAILABLE___$59,900
  • Lot 30___AVAILABLE___$59,900
  • Lot 31___SOLD
  • Lot 32___SOLD