This residential development is located in the Village of Whitehouse Ohio, just minutes away from major metropolitan areas. Its growing fast but maintaining its country charm. Anthony Wayne schools are just a short walk away, and a hiking and biking trail is at your door!

Current Home Site Information at Steeplechase

Plat 4
  • Lot 73___Available___$51,900
Plat 5
  • Lot 92___Available___$57,650
  • Lot 96___Available___$57,650
  • Lot 100___Available___$51,900
Plat 6
  • Lot 115___Available__$61,900
  • Lot 116___Available__$61,900
  • Lot 117___Available__$61,900
  • Lot 118___Available__$61,900
  • Lot 119___Available__$61,900
  • Lot 120___Available__$61,900
  • Lot 121___Available__$62,900
  • Lot 122___Reserved
  • Lot 123___Available__$58,900
  • Lot 124___Available__$52,900
  • Lot 125___Available__$51,900
  • Lot 126___Reserved
  • Lot 127___Reserved
  • Lot 128___Available__$56,900
  • Lot 129___Available__$56,900
  • Lot 130___Reserved
  • Lot 131___Available__$56,900
  • Lot 132___Available__$49,900
  • Lot 133___Available__$49,900

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